We have combined for you the Art of Photography – elementary or advanced – with exploring new, exciting, unknown but also popular sites in Greece. Starting with the city of Athens, you alone or with your group of friends and family can enjoy a tour of the Archaeological Sites and important buildings or a selection of prime “Ghost Street Galleries”, as we like to call them; abandoned old buildings of great architectural interest and ever- changing graffiti works that offer an amazing opportunity for an unforgettable photography session, as well as a very different tourist experience, we promise you’ll never forget!

Whether such activities capture your heart or whether you want family portraits taken on a tour day during your holiday, having your wedding on one of the islands, coming especially for a few days’ seminar on city street photography, fancying touring Nafplion, Galaxidi, for the day or even going on a longer road-photography-tour, we are the Team that can make that happen for you!

We have experience shooting various types of professional photos including:

  • Interior and Decoration
  • Fien Art Photography
  • Real Estate
  • Documentary
  • Corporate Events Coverage
  • Social Events Coverage
  • Family Photography
  • Architecture Photography
  • Landscape
  • Portraits
  • Portfolio photoshooting
  • Travel photography

It is important to mention that the photos are delivered in a very short period of time, previously agreed, which can even, under certain conditions, be the next working day!

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