Urban Explorations

Urban Exploration Photography (also known as 'Urbex' Photography) has been rising in popularity, in the recent years. This activity is designed in a way as to introduce you to this special field of photography or offer you further opportunity for exploring new territories, should you already be doing Urbex in other cities.

Urbex, as a subfield of architecture photography, is about exploring the urban habitat and the countless exciting places usually laying hidden within it. We often enter abandoned buildings, so as to document the building's state of decay and get a taste of its history. By observing and examining with our lens what has become of these buildings since the loss of their former glory and inhabitants, we also document photographically how nature and all kinds of visitors have reclaimed them step by step.

We also often refer to them as “Ghost Street Galleries”, due to the extensive and ever-changing graffiti artwork that one can find in them, along with all sorts of oddities, like antique furniture, old machinery, or things that people use whilst visiting or even finding shelter in them for periods of time. This is a truly unique experience!

Make sure to contact us before your visit to Athens, so we can make the necessary arrangements for your next exploration!

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